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  • Need Technical Help...

    Trying to save scrapbook to PDF. Getting
    ERROR: Failed to initialize PDF engine.CLSIDEFromProgID

    Is this where I post for help. If not, please redirect me.

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    Hi j.masterson. Yes, this is where you post for help. The Help Desk isn't in on weekends. Lorne will get back to you during the week. I've never used the publish to pdf, so I just tried it. It worked fine for me. Lorne will need to know all about your computer before he can help you.

    What operating system you have, etc. I use Windows XP and it worked for me. Hope you get it worked out. Take care.
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      I have not seen that error message before - can you tell me the exact steps you are taking to create the pdf? At what step do you receive this error message (i.e., when does the error message present itself)? What operating system are you using? What version of Scrapbook MAX! are you using?

      With more information, we may be better able to help you out - thanks!



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        I don't believe I've ever encountered that error personally, but it means the program is not able to get the unique ID for the PDF library that is installed with Scrapbook MAX! in order to generate PDF files.

        If I had to guess, I'd say j.masterson doesn't have Scrapbook MAX! installed properly; e.g. she just copied the Scrapbook MAX! folder to a new computer instead of running the installer (which would properly configure the computer to use the PDF library, among other things).
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