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  • How to open stuff up?

    my name is Kristie and I'm trying to check out this program. I downloaded the free trail. Then I tried to use some of my digital scrapbooking kits that I have to create a page in scrapbook max.

    How do I get any of it to open up in the program? I check and the files are jpeg files(papers), embellishments are png, etc. So I know they are files that the program can use.

    I just can't get anything to open up and I even tried "import" but that won't open them either.


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    Hi Kristie!

    Unless the kits are specifically designed for Scrapbook MAX! and end in the extensions .smb or .smt or .sm2t (templates), they won't automatically import into Scrapbook MAX! in that way.

    But no worries - you can still use .jpgs and .pngs from other sites, though! What you can do is open up a project in Scrapbook MAX! and open up your folder where you keep your kits. Click on the item you want to use and "drag and drop" it onto the page. You'll be asked if you want to bring it in as a paper, embellishment, background, etc. Make your choice, and it will be added to your page.

    Hope that helps!