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  • Adding downloaded fonts

    How do I add a downloaded sheet of fonts to my scrapbook page?

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    Not sure what you mean by 'sheet' but if it's an actual font file & not a graphics file this is what you do. If you look on your C: drive you'll find a WINDOWS folder, in that folder is your FONTS folder. Simply drag and drop the downloaded file to that location. I believe it will say something about 'installing' it to the folder. Once you do that you'll be able to use that font in any of your programs.

    If it's a graphics file simply bring it in as you would an embelishment or photo.

    Hope that helps.


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      The entire alphabet is on 1 page. I downloaded it free from "A Cherry on Top". How do I "break apart" each letter to use on my scrapbook page. I tried cropping it, but it distorts the image and I have part of the next letter in the image as well. Can someone help me? Or am I just better off using what the computer gives me & not download any fonts? Thanks


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        So it's a graphics file? Like .png, .jpg, .psd. I think, it it were me, I would bring the file into a paint program, copy and paste all the letters into a new file and save them 1 at a time. This will take some time to do... but if you really like the font, this may be the only way. Or you could cut and paste with in the file to make a header and just save that if that's the only spot you want to use that font.

        Try checking out - I've been there myself and have gotten several fonts downloaded and installed properly. The fonts from this site install as I mentioned above to C: > WINDOWS > Fonts. Maybe you can find something similar that you like and this would be much more simple for you?


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          Edina-Thank you for your help. I unfortunately do not have the patience to crop out each letter & save. But I did go onto "1001freefonts"-this is much better for me & was able to install the letters as you instructed. Thanks again.