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  • Need help please!

    Hi! I bought SBM mainly to create labels an make cute tags and recipe cards.So far I have only been able to make 1 recipe card.I have to sayI have not had alot of time to learn the program.
    What I would like to do is to use a circle shape fill with a printed paper and use text on top for a logo. Sounds easy enough but I go 1 step forward and 2 steps back.What I can't seem to do is get the paper to just fill the circle shape. Can someone please help?
    Thanks, Carrie

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    Hi Carrie! If you want a round paper scrap, you will need to bring in your chosen paper (make sure you bring it in as a paper scrap, not embellishment), double click it, go to custom shapes, find the circle (mine is in the Bonus part) and click ok. That will make your paper-filled circle.

    If you want another paper around the circle, pull it in as the background, behind your paper circle. Watch the layers and use the "bring forward" and "bring backward" buttons to get it how you want it.

    To go one step further...if your circle paper scrap has your paper's pattern too big or too small...double click it, click the Advanced tab, then hold your mouse over the paper (dont click), hold down the control key and scroll up or down to get it how you want it. Then you can let go of Control and click and drag the paper, too.

    Hope that helps!
    ~ sj3girls ~


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      Do a paper scrap, select the paper you want then 'check' custom shape, click 'select' button and pick a circle. That should work for you.

      Hope that helps!


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        OMG!! Thank you girls so much , you made my day that was really easy! Im sure there will be more questions to come.


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          LoL - You're easy to please

          Glad we could help! I wouldn't normally answer a question someone else had already answered but I sat on the reply screen for so long and kept getting distracted!

          Welcome to the board - hope you love SBM!