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Do i use paper scraps as whole background?

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  • Do i use paper scraps as whole background?

    Hello, i am just new to this, if i want a piece of paper to cover the whole background (as opposed to using a paper scrap) do i need to buy backgrounds separately to avoid making paper scraps so much larger and getting a bit blurry? If so where do i find "backgrounds" all i know is to add a "paper scrap"


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    You will find the backgrounds by going to Settings. To do this:
    • Go to Page on the menu bar at the top of the screen
    • OR
    • Right Click on your scrapbook page and select Settings
    • Click box next to Background then click Select
    • You will be taken to the Background folders and you can make your selection from any you find there
    • If you wish to use another background on your system, click browse and choose suitable folder on your pc.
    Have fun!

    Blessings - FS xx
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      Hi , Newbie here , I was wondering the same thing - so i have followed your instructions and yes they work . But my question is ....How do I get a single 'clipart' to fill the whole background in randomly 'spotted' places all over the page and not in straight lines or colums . I have my craft studio and find that i can do that in that programme, I was hoping that ''scrapbook max'' would do the job ..... is there a way ??


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        becca - paper scraps can be backgrounds. For example, if you have a kit saved in, say, My Documents. Have both that file and your SBM album that you're working on open. Then drag the paper you want as a background to the SBM screen. Then it will ask you what it is and you can say either paper scrap, or background, etc. (To find your SBM kits, go to My Documents, then Scrapbook Max! 2.0, then Gallery, then Images, then you'll see folders for backgrounds, embellishments, etc. Then you can do like I said above...just another way to get your items on the page.)

        Mumfy - To make it "random" you will have to insert the clipart as an embellishment, get it the size you want, then copy and paste it as many times as you want and place them where you want them.

        Hope that helps!
        ~ sj3girls ~