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help , before i spend more money !!

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  • help , before i spend more money !!

    Hi all ,Hi , Newbie here ,How do I get a single 'clipart' to fill the whole background in randomly 'spotted' places all over the page and not in straight lines or colums . I have my craft studio and find that i can do that in that programme, Putting clipart in rows all the way down a page looks really .... well... ugly.
    I was hoping that ''scrapbook max'' would do the job ..... is there a way ??

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    I don't think there is an automatic way to do it in SBMax. The only way I can think of is to bring the clip art into Photshop and save it as a brush then paint with it with a jitter on. But that would take just as long (if not longer)as to bring in the clip art multiple times to SBMax and just 'randomize' it yourself by placing the same image all over your page and rotating some of them and just playing with it a bit.

    Good luck with that.


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      Thankyou Edina for answering that for me . I found an old cd yesterday that had serif draw on it - so i put that in and i can duplicate one clipart into 100's and then click on each one individually ... I know its gonna take time but at least im doing it until someone 'invents' a faster way !!!
      thanxs again x