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My album is gone??

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  • My album is gone??

    I have been working on an album for 3 days now and I know it has been saved, but now I can not locate it! I have searched everywhere and it is gone. It is not in my trash and I am pulling my hair out. Any advise??? Please??? I was supposed to send out my ultrasound pictures out and I had sent them to my husband to see if he liked it. I had to change a few things.. and now its all gone. HELP!!

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    Hi there, that is gonna be frustrating after all that work, when you say gone, do you mean when you select open under scrapbook max there is no saved folders to open or are you not able to locate it in your drive folders?


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      The Name


      You must be frantic. Do you remember the name of the scrapbook album you were working on? If so, go to Start - Search - type in the name of the album - if it comes up, check the location and you can retrieve it from there. Hope this helps!

      Hopefully, others will jump in on this one because I'm not too computer savy!

      Let us know.


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        Thanks, I am kinda late responding.. I had to redo it.. sigh. What I have found out, was that it wasnt renamed and unlike most software, it never changes the default name of My Scrapbook...and when trying to open another template.. I guess I hit something and it was copied over. With my photo shop.. it wont allow you to have the same file name and creates another name.. 01..02..ect. Oh well. Hard lesson learned.
        Thanks though!!