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Cannot seem to download Life is Beautiful Expansion pack

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  • Cannot seem to download Life is Beautiful Expansion pack

    Recently purchased Scrapbook Max. Have been using it without any problems. Cannot seem to get the expansion pack loaded correctly. The following is what is listed......Life is Beautiful Expansion Pack set up application...... Would appreciate any help.

    Thanks Paula

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    Hi Paula,

    After downloading the Life is Beautiful file, you need to double-click on it to import it into Scrapbook MAX!2.0 Have you tried this? Do you get any error messages?



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      Cannot download Life is Beautiful Exp Pack

      After I download the file it says.......Life is Beautiful Expansiopn Pack Set up application....when I click on it , I get the run window......when I click run I get....Life is Beautiful Expansion Pack Installer for Scrapbook ...I click next......then I click yes to the next to tells me it is installed......thus I go back to click on it and I get the same thing over and over......not sure what I am doing incorrectly......thanks much Paula


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        Life is Beautiful Exp Pack..........

        I am missing the boat here without a doubt...not sure what I am doing wrong but would appreciate any help. I downloaded the file.....then placed it in an external hard drive as suggested. I open the program but cannot find the exp pack unless I go and do a serach for it outside of the program. Not sure how I should be accessing it within the program. When I use other papers etc from other packets, I can access them and place them in without any problem. Would like to purchase other exp packs but afraid to do so until I figure this one out. Many thanks Paula


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          Paula - open Scrapbook max,open a scrapbook. Add an embelleshment. You should see several new kits loaded i.e. Blue Moon, Crafty Charm, Explore etc.
          When scrapbook max installs the Life is Beautiful Expansion Pack, it loads as several different kits right into Scrapbook Max.

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