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    I've started an album and when I try to add a new page of the same album, it has a bunch of gray boxes that say there was an error in loading the particular embellishment. I've checked and all the embellishments are there.....It's driving me nuts. I guess I could just have multiple albums for the same album instead of all the pages that I should be able to add. Also, I can add different themed pages, just not the one that I want! (It's "Black Camel")


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    How many pages do you have? I know Max can mange several pages, but it isn't unlimited.
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      I just have the amount of pages that come with that template, which is 5. When I try to add another page from that template, it will not load any of the embellishments, but when I add a page from a different template, it loads it just fine. I think there is something wrong with the template. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, and I've also re-downloaded the template and the kit from my cart. (The Kit works fine to). I have managed to duplicate the pages, but I just an unhappy that it's not working the way it should.

      Any suggestions?



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        Hi Natalie!

        Is this a template that you purchased in the store? Can you send me the exact name of the template?

        Also, what version number of Scrapbook MAX! do you have?


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          I purchases the template off of the website. It's called "Black Camel". I have Scrapbook Max 2.0 and I did the update for it.