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v2.0 4.0 - adding picture or embelishment dialogue box

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  • v2.0 4.0 - adding picture or embelishment dialogue box

    The dialogue box that comes up has changed to find pictures, embellishments etc. My dialogue Box does nothing, if I click on My Computer, My Documents nothing comes up, just blank! Also the buttons at the top right to go back and to select to see the list in thumb nails, detalis, list etc. is all on top of eachother.

    I do not think I even downloaded the newest version. I cannot do a thing at the moment and trying to make invitations to get out! HELP what can I do - really need to fix this and get going.

    Attached is a .pdf showing what I am getting

    Love your software and have never had troubles until tonight!
    I am using Vista - have never had a problem before!!??
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    Please make sure that you update to the latest version of Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 (currently You can do so by going to Help > Check For Update in the Scrapbook MAX! menu and following the instructions. This might help with the issue you are describing.

    Let us know!