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  • I need help!

    I opened a saved scrapbook this morning and when I click to add an embellishment or paper, everything in the "Select an Embellishment" box is flashing on and off. Same thing if I try to add a paper. It is totally wigging out. I've closed the program several times and it is still doing the same thing. I've tried in a new scrapbook, and the same thing. Help!

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    I am also having this problem, actually thought it was my computer. Hope someone out there can help us! I noticed that it flashes until all the files are loaded for the folder I opened. This problem started after I downloaded the June Freebie, not sure if that is related/cause of problem,though.


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      Hopefully someone from tech support can answer this soon.
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        Please try uninstalling and then reinstalling Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 to see if that resolves the issue.



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          Uninstalling and reinstalling program did not fix problem. Help! Also, can I remove a mini kit once it has been imported? My problems started after downloading the DGO-June-Challenge-Mini-KIT.smb, I would like to remove it to see if the problem remains.


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            Been having the same problem myself,,I did not download the kit for the challenge:O(,I am thinking it might have been last update this started happening:O(,, It is very annoying


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              We are not able to recreate this problem on our side with the update, or with the earlier version of Scrapbook MAX! (we've tested it on several systems here). We also all have the freebie, and this is also not making a difference.

              Can you tell me where you are browsing to on your systems to add items to your page? (i.e. where are the items that you are browsing for located?)

              Also, what operating system are you using?



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                I Get oll my items from subfolders in My documents
                I have noticed if I change the thumbnails to small, no pictures, I does no load each one at a time over and over,,Like it does with the picture thumbnails


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                  WindowsXP. I grab most of my files from folders in My Documents, but Scrapbook Max Embellishments/paper scraps/shapes are all flashing when I try them,too.


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                    Is tech support still looking into this problem? It makes scrapbooking very slow and frustrating when every select window is flashing.


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                      Hi there!

                      Unfortunately, we haven't been able to replicate the problem - we've tested it on multiple systems, with different OS, memory, etc. and haven't been able to reproduce it no matter the version of SBMAX installed, with or without the June freebie, etc.

                      ladybug - Are you able to drag and drop successfully?

                      I will send another message to our developers to see if they have any further suggestions about it.

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                        Yes I can drag and drop from My Documents no problem. Expansion packs are installed in Scrapbook Max program and most folders are small enough they do not flash for long BUT trying to select a paper scrap or a shape from the larger folders takes forever. I really do not want to copy all the files to My Documents, and I don't know how to get the select shape to work if I did? Thanks for any suggestions or help.


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                          I have no idea about what this problem could be, but have you tried using the drag and drop method instead of the select? Minimize Max and open another Window for your background, another for your embelishments and another for paper scraps if the Kit you are working with has all three. Minimize each of them and stack them on the right or left side of your Max window. Click on whatever it is you want to bring into MAX and drag it over to MAX, A pop up box will open and ask you what you want to make it. It is defaulted on Photo, so you need to select Embelishment, Paper Scrap or Background. I do all of my scrapping using drag and drop. Give it a try and see if it works for you to make it less difficult to scrap.

                          Just as an FYI, I have that same kit by Deanne and I have no issues with it. I have XP.

                          I just saw the respose where you already tried drag and drop. - Glad it works for you. If you darg and drop a paper shape it puts it in Max. You then just click on it and do your Color editing, Shadowing and Shapes like you normally would.
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                            We still aren't able to reproduce this on any of the systems we've tested it on. I'm not even sure what could make that happen to be honest.

                            One thing to check: under Edit > Preferences, in the Performance section, what is your Thumbnail Provider set to?

                            If it's "Windows shell" then the operating system is handling those icons; if it's "Scrapbook MAX! program" then Scrapbook MAX! is drawing them.

                            If your icons are flashing, please reply here with (1) what your Thumbnail Provider is set to, and (2) what happens if you change it and restart the program.
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                              Thumbnail provider was set to Windows shell. I reset to Scrapbook Max and restarted the programme but it did not fix the problem. If I were to uninstall the programme is there a way to be sure ALL programme files have been removed before reinstalling. After I uninstalled last time I still found Scrapbook Max files in Programme Files in My Computer. I removed those but perhaps I missed some. Should I try again?