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Is it possible to have too many choices?!

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  • Is it possible to have too many choices?!

    I took advantage of the sale last month and went a little wild, but I'm loving my purchases so much. However, as I scrapbook, I am starting to realize that perhaps I have too much to choose from. Is that even possible?!

    I was curious as to how others out there do the work of scrapping. I always start with a theme, when I can, like "Colorado vacation". Then I break that up into days and/or locations (i.e. Garden of the Gods, US Air Force Academy, etc.). I start a page with the photos, then choose backgrounds, mattes, and finally embellishments.

    I tend to find myself sticking with one kit though, mainly because I know everything will match that way, and it keeps me a little sane. (Instead of hunting through all my kits for that one perfect piece.)

    What do some of you do?

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    I find that I do the same thing - start with photos. Another cool idea that someone shared with me is use an existing layout, and make it your own....scraplifting. It is a great idea - and that way you may find yourself mixing your kits a little more. If you take advantage of the challenges - they will also help you mix your kits. For the most part though I agree with you - I usually stick with one kit. Another trick that I have found help - is that I have seperated folders under my images folder and try to put all girlie kits together, tropical, christmas and so forth - that way going through them is easier too! Good luck - but makesure you are still having fun!
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      I do a little bit of both! I like to use generally one kit, because they all go together nicely and it's easier than searching through everything. And I keep my kits in themed files, like tintin does so I only have to look in one place for a particular theme. I generally start with the photos and go with a kit that coordinates somewhat. The challenges have been great for me, because they are forcing me to work outside of my comfort zone a little and to stretch my imagination. They also help me with ideas, because I can look around at what everyone else has done and borrow what I like for future layouts.