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Purchasing full verion - Have download questions first.

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  • Purchasing full verion - Have download questions first.

    I have the trial version. I have lots of templates, kits saved from another source (Storytellers). I have them all saved on an external hard drive. However, when I load the trial version, they are all on there for me to select. When I purchase the full version, am I going to lose all these pre-loaded templates, and then have to re-import them into the full version? It has been suggested for me to uninstall the trial version before dowloading the full version. Is that the case?

    Also, the pages I have worked on are save in the trial version, and on my computer. However, there is a little banner across the bottom stating to purchase the full version to remove. Will I need to re-import these pages into the full version and re-save to do that?

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    If you just uninstall everything you have worked on is in a documents file under my documents and will stay there. Once you install the full version it will find those files and install them into the full version. Just be sure not to move or delete anything from the documents folders. Hope this helps. Good luck.