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Changing Background Color to Match Pic?

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  • Changing Background Color to Match Pic?

    I am new to ScrapbookMax software. I have read and done the whole PDF tutorial but couldn't find an answer to my question!

    I know you can pick different colors from all of the backgrounds, etc. available to match a picture (or an object), but I was wondering if you can copy a color from a specific portion of a picture (or an object) and then use that color to make your own unique background.

    Basically I'm asking if you can make an object with a custom color.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    Hi DigitalGal...

    Yes you can, at least, if I'm reading your post right. Here is a link to a free program, that allows you to pick any color from any image on your workarea. It's a wonderful program.

    When you open the Eclipse Pallete, it stays on top of all other programs, making it very easy to pick the color of whatever images are open on your desktop. Once you have picked the color, all you have to do is enter those values on the color window in Max.

    The program is very easy to use, but if you need help, please feel free to ask.

    Hope this will be helpful.


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      Thank you

      Thanks for the link. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Now I'll just have to try it out and get it to work.


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        I just go a little more savy with this aid!!

        THANKS Granny..and welcome to SBM DigitalGal!!


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          You'll wonder how you ever got by without this colour picker...........
          IT'S WONDERFUL & so so easy to use.........