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I Hope I Didn't "Accidentally" Buy This

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  • I Hope I Didn't "Accidentally" Buy This

    I had SM and lost it due to computer issues and my back up disc being broken. Anyway, instead of doing the trial of 2.0, I just bought it because I liked 1.0. However, I don't see the main thing I loved about the first version. In that version you could change the shape of a paper. Does this one do that too and I'm missing it?

    Also, the ads for this says there are tons of graphics. Am I missing something because this program barely has any in comparison to another program I have? It it just what I see under the add a paper, embelleshments buttons on the program. If so, I'm sorely disappointed because that is not very much.

    Thanks for any assistance!


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    Oops! okay, forget the first question. I put something in the document that wasn't paper so it wouldn't let me do what you can do with paper as far as shape changing. But, where is all the stuff (graphics, paper, etc.) I'm supposed to have? I saw a link about all the stuff I'm supposed to have, but I don't have it.


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      Hi Amy!

      Hope this answers your questions!

      You can change the shape of papers and photos. Just double-click on the paper or photo on your page. On the properties box, select Custom Shape and Change Shape - this will take you to the Shapes gallery where you can choose a shape.

      Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 includes the bonus pack Life Is Beautiful. It comes with everything you see here:

      When you order, you will get one link to download the software, and another one to download Life Is Beautiful. (Download "Beautiful" after you have installed the software. Be sure to double-click on the downloaded Beautiful file to import everything into the program.)

      Hope that helps - if you can't find your link, please email support [at] scrapbookmax [dot] com and please be sure to include your order reference number.