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    I have used Scrapbook Max many times with no problems on my other computer. I just recently loaded a new Scrapbook Max on my new computer and it does not allow me to add a page to a blank page or to the pre-existing albums. (I tried both the add a page icon and the drop down under the page tab with no luck). It does allow me to delete a page. On-line it tells me that I have the most updated version of the program. Can somebody help me with this?

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    Hi cranium!

    Can you please tell us what version of Scrapbook MAX! you are using (the version number will appear when you choose Help> About Scrapbook MAX! in the Scrapbook MAX! menu.

    What method are you using to add a page (e.g., Choosing Page > Add, or right-clicking on the page tab and choosing Add) - do one of these methods work?

    Also, what Operating System do you have?


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