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  • Wow!

    I think I'm in love......with this program!

    I recently upgraded to 2.0 since I got a new laptop and didn't have my original CD any longer. I was becoming more and more frustrated with the original version of Scrapbook Max due to the slowness it always seem to have and debated for a long time about upgrading. I've always used it with another program because where one lacked, the other did not so to speak. I am LOVING this and haven't used my other program since installing it!!!

    I have two questions though about some things I can do in my other scrapbooking program that I cannot do with this one or that I don't know I can do with this one.

    1.) If I create a layout, can I save the template for it on my hard drive somewhere so I can go back in it at at later time if I decide I need to change something?

    2.) Can I create a piece of paper in any color I want so that it matches something else perfectly? I know I can create my own color but sometimes it is hard to get it to match as good as I'd like. Is there any trick on SM where I could start out with a white piece of paper and end up with an exact color match to somthing else w/out having to try and "make" your own color? I hope this makes sense!

    I look foward to getting to know y'all and hanging out here. I see myself using this program way more now!