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Three Questions about 2.0

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  • Three Questions about 2.0

    1. Can you rename a albumn?
    2. Can you publish just one page of an albumn without it publishing all the pages?
    3. Why when you add a drop shadow and you pick a color it changes all the other shadows in the layout?

    Thanks for your help, Bobbie

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    Hi Bobbie!

    1. On renaming an album - you can open up your album and then choose Save As and rename it to something else. Hope that's what you mean - if not, let me know!

    2. To publish a single page, choose Page and then Save as Image. You can then save the individual page as an image file.

    3. If you don't want the same shadow on everything, be sure to uncheck the Global box on the Shadow Settings box. Beside the place where you check Shadow there is a button called Settings. Click on this, and then on this box, uncheck Global. This will let you set shadows to your specifications for each individual object.

    Hope that helps!



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      Thanks for your help Karin! I'll try it. Bobbie