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  • Paperclip elements

    How do I attach a paperclip element so it looks like 2 pieces of paper are clipped together? I have been trying to figure it out & just can't for the life of me.

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    I made this one rather quickly, so it is probably not perfect, but it was really simple:

    • Grab a paper scrap to start your stack
    • Choose a suitable shape from your shape folders, I chose one with a torn edge
    • Add a small shadow, I put my distance down to 2 and make sure it is ticked for global
    • Now copy and paste that paper, select a different paper, click shadow
    • Resize your new paper and tilt and move to allow the back sheet to show
    • Repeat until you have sufficient paper for your stack
    • Find a paperclip embellishment, I found mine on Birthday Rules
    • Now with your paperclip selected, activate the eraser
    • Carefully rub out the part of the paperclip which would lie behind the pile
    • Say OK
    • Position paperclip so that it sits in the correct place - Voila!
    FS_Paperclip_Cluster (Medium).png

    Hope this helps - FS xx

    ps, don't forget you can save your cluster as a .png to reuse if you wish to xx
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      Thank you. Now how about making an envelope? I saw one thread on here with jpeg files, but I can't change the color of the jpeg. Any ideas?
      Thank you


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        You can change the color of anything. Double click on your jpeg to open it up in Edit. At the top select the Advanced Tab. Down below is the Color/Tint section. Click on Adjust Color. You can slide the sliders to adjust that way or deselect the 2 Relative checkmarks on the right. Now you can double click on a color in a photo, or an embie or paper that you would like to use and Max will automatically make it the correct hue. You may have to use the Lightness scroll to make it a bit lighter or darker, but it will now match the color you selected from your other source.

        Play around with changing colors. You will love it.
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