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can't down load new order

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  • can't down load new order

    I ordered several kits last night and the embellishments are downloaded into Scrap Maxi but none of the papers will download. I can find them in my documents but I can not get them onto Scrap Maxi what do I do

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    I suggest that you check for them in two places in Scrapbook MAX!.

    Go to Object> Paper Scraps

    If they aren't there, go to Page> Settings and choose Background Image and Select. Some designers designate their papers to the backgrounds category.

    Hope that helps!



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      I need help not now and ma frustrated

      I have purchased papers and templets that will not download onto my program and all you do is tell me to contact cleverbridge i need tech help and want a live person not anymore emails telling to contact people who can not help i want a phone number thia has been going on for 2 days and i have no help and i have spent a lot of money for this. Please email me a phone number not more advise that will not answer my questions


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        Our store orders are not processed through Cleverbridge - Cleverbridge only handles our software sales (they are only able to help you with software sales related questions)

        We conduct our support for store purchases here online and also through our support email. If the previous post did not help you to locate your items, can you please tell us a bit more about what is happening when you try to download - if you are receiving an error message, please let us know what it says so that we can help.

        You can post a description of what's happening here in a reply, or you can feel free to contact us at support [at] scrapbookmax dot [com]. Please quote your order number and list any error messages that you are getting.

        The Groove Avatar made with embellishments found in our various Expansion Packs for Scrapbook MAX! 2.0