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Need Help-Problem publishing to image, embellishment turns to a blur

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  • Need Help-Problem publishing to image, embellishment turns to a blur

    I am having a problem publishing my page to an image for printing. I've not had this problem in the past with any of my other pages. I am publishing a 12x12 page that has a flower embellishment. After publishing to an image (.jpg, 300 dpi) I view the image and the entire page looks good except the flower has changed to three different blurred areas that look like the flower was smeared across the page (the blurred area is approximately the size of the embellishment). I tried redoing and republishing and the same exact problem occurs. Any suggestions other than removing the flower? It is part of a Scrapbook Max template that I downloaded from Storytellers Digital Express. TIA

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    I need to add to this, when I looked at my published image more closely I also noticed that one of my embellishments on the same page turned to a different embellishment from a different theme. The embellishment that I used (that shows on the page as I created it) is a flower tag but when I publish the image it turns into a sandcastle! Any advice? I'm concerned that I now need to closely review all my pages once they are published, prior to sending them for printing.


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      Can you tell me what steps you take to add an object to your page?

      Also, can you please tell me what version number of Scrapbook MAX! you are using (it's under Help > About Scrapbook MAX! in the program's menu)



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        I am using v2.0.7.0 of Scrapbook Max. To add an embellishment to a page I click on the picture of a flower in the menu bar to "add an embellishment to the page" then I select the category and choose an embellishment. I click on it then click okay, check the box to add a shadow then click okay and it appears on my page. In the case of the flower that turned to a blurry mark when publishing, that was an embellishment already in the Scrabpook Max template that I used. I only added my photo to the page.
        Since I posted the original question I have had this same problem with a couple of other pages as well. The page looks great when I finish it but when I publish it, it looks different, different embellishments appear in one or two places on the page, often they are embellishments from a totally different theme! When I go back to look at the project, the unpublished version still looks correct - it is very frustrating! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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          Can you tell me if you are starting with a template or a blank scrapbook? Also, are you using the Page > Add or Page >Import function to add other template or scrapbook pages to your current project?

          Also, is this happening only with elements where you've added a shadow?


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            Can you tell us which template this problem is occurring with? Thanks!


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              I am using templates. The problem has occurred with two different Scrapbook Max templates, both were . downloaded from Digital Express. The first, where the embellishment turned to a blur when published was "Green with Envy 0611 Layout01-SMT" from Digital Express. The second page, where some of the embellishments turned to embellishments from different themes, was "Sand and Surf 0811 Layout #01-SMT". To start these pages I start Scrapbook Max, click "Create New Scrapbook" and select the theme by clicking on the picture of the theme that I want then I click "Okay" The embellishments are already in the template, I did not add them. This has happened with both shadowed and not shadowed things. The embellishments are already shadowed in the template, I did not add the embellishment. And in the case of the Sand and Surf template, one of the things that changed was a paper scrap and it was not shadowed in the template nor did I add a shadow. I think that answered all the questions. If you tell me how I could send screenshots of the pages as seen in Scrapbook Max and as published images if you think that would help. Thanks for looking into this!