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How To Put 3 Pics On A LO & Make Them All The Same Size?

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  • How To Put 3 Pics On A LO & Make Them All The Same Size?

    I need to put three pics on a LO. I have cropped each of them and used the ruler at the top of the screen to make them the same size but am having trouble making them all the exact same size.

    I was wondering if there's another way to make them all the same size. Is there some way to apply the same dimensions to each of them?


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    To make your photos the same size, you should first select the photos you want to be the same size. To do this you click on Ctrl or Shift and then click on the pictures. When you select multiple objects using Ctrl or Shift, the last object you select will always start out being the dominant object, meaning the picture you pick last will be the size the pictures are. Go to Align > Make Same Size. Viola...your pictures are the same size.

    This is all covered in Chapter 5 of the User's Guide found under Help > User's Guide.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks for the help

      Thanks so much for the help. That was easy enough! I read the whole User's Guide but didn't see it in there. I'll go and look at it again.

      Thanks again.


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        Thank U!

        I discovered trying to do this week's challenge that I didn't know how to make each picture the same size - I'm so glad to read this!


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          Same here, I did it, but it was difficult. We learn a new trick everyday!



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            Thanks...I too have learned something. That makes it a whole lot easier!