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pictures flicker so I can not add to layout

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    I went into SBM today & the flicker was gone. I didn't do anything since the flicker started but I do have McAfee on that computer.



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      I'm glad so many of you have had this problem repaired. I just downloaded the update and it's slower than ever. I am so disappointed because I have bought so many kits and I absolutely love this program. I will keep trying and hoping that my computer finally comes through.


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        I too have been having this problem with the flickering...its very annoying!! I have all my updates running Windows Vista.
        Its not only doing it to the SB Max kit graphics, but also my personal photos; when trying to select them. Problems just started about 6 or 7 months ago. Hope techs finds a solution for this. My favorite Scrap book program!


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          Oh Happy Day! All morning, I've been asked to restart my computer because of a McAfee update. Finally got around to doing it and SBM seems to work perfectly (KNOCK ON WOOD!). How weird is all I can say. So, to anyone still having trouble: I've reinstalled (didn't work), updated SBM (didn't work) updated McAfee (that worked). Hope everyone else can find a solution to this problem.

          Now, can someone tell me how to stretch more hours out of a day for scrapbooking, please?!