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Old member needs info on new acct...

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  • Old member needs info on new acct...

    OK heres the deal...I joined under the name Marshalynn back in 2009. I went AWOL for awhile and when I returned I upgraded to 2.0 version. I couldnt remember my sign in information so I registered again with new information including new email and username. I just found "Marshalynn" and would really like to go back to using that profile and drop "Marsha". The problem is I still dont remember the email and password I used back in 2009 in order to get my info email to me. Is there any way someone can check into this and let me know what email I used, honestly I think it may have been one I closed and dont use anymore. So how can I get my new email attached to "Marshalynn" and continue with that Senior Member profile??? Sorry if this is confusing...