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What is the best way to print 12 x12 sheets as a book?

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  • What is the best way to print 12 x12 sheets as a book?

    What is the best way to print 12 X 12 scrapbook pages as a book? I tried shutterfly but my pages were too big for a 12 x12 book. I even left a good 1/2 inch on each side but it cuts off a good portion of the page.

    They list a digital scrapbooking in the new custom path option but when you try to find the options they list they do not exist so I sent an email and they told me that digital scrapbooking was not an option at this time.

    I want to print it as a book. I really don't want to print the pages and insert them in a scrapbook. Any ideas?

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    Have you tried Picaboo?

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      Thanks, I'll look at that. I looked at Real Book-scrapbook which someone else mentioned but it seemed that you sent everything by mail and I am hesitant to pay $95 for a book that I don't see the layout before I pay for it because so many of these programs cut off part of the scrapbook page. It is very frustrating that you set up a 12 X 12 page but they only print 11.5 X 11.5 at most.


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        From my side I have 2 options:

        1 - I print my pages on my personal photos printer...
        My pages are 3600 x 3600 px
        I print them on a A4 format (French format) and I cut the "blank" parts...
        then I do by myself my book... and add embellishments...

        2 - I order through an online service...
        I upload the .jpg files... and organize the pages... select the background and review it before submitting the final order.
        I have ordered some books here in France...
        Book of 100 pages - 21 x 21 cm
        And the cost, shipment incl. was less than 35 Euros...

        So have a look on the web, use Google to make a search, and I do believe you could find some very attractive offers for less than 95 USD... That'd be a way to test one of these services.

        BTW - I present my pages of the Tropical Holidays book in the gallery... and I'm about to order a photo book :-)

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          Pages made into a book

          I made a book out of a scrapbook I made of a Disney trip 40 pages . It was very reasonable and they did a great job. I did a 10 x 10 but they do all sizes. The site was
          Viovio just google it I'm sure if it is or not. Bobbie