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    LOL - what have I done?? I reached my maximum flair button amount (9) so Michelle showed me how to save them individually as images, bring them into SBM, line them up and group them and then save as png... got that part down..
    but when I try to bring it back into my signature - it's not working

    I'm just getting the "this photobucket has been moved or deleted" (see below) FONZZY YOU JINXED ME!! LMBO

    Thanks Kel
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    This is what happens when I try to add new ones or the one flair I do have disappears welcome to the world of fonzzy LOL


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      Kel, the link you used in your signature is saying it doesn't exist....Did you delete the file from photobucket by accident? if not, send me the direct link from photobuckets code list under the preview...and I will try to help....

      Fonzzy, I don't know what problems are happening on your end...I am going to show you what my signature looks like....and I highlighted the flairs text....see below...

      You have to make sure that your links look like this in your signature....
      [IMG]link[/IMG] [IMG]link[/IMG] [IMG]link[/IMG] etc need for commas, or special symbols...just have to make sure that the [IMG] and [/IMG] are before and after the links I give you...I hope this helps some...
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        Mad Scrapper Look I now have my 3 flair buttons working a Big THANKS to Michelle once I saw the screen my brain cottoned on to it Hope you get yours going LOL You guys are such wonderful people wish I could meet you one day God
        Bless you all fonzzy