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Problem with Halloween Fun Expansion Pack

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  • Problem with Halloween Fun Expansion Pack

    I purchased and downloaded the Halloween Fun Expansion Pack. When I was getting ready to use it, a message came up that said "a full version of Scrapbook Max could not be found on my computer." It was absolutely there but I removed it and reloaded it just to make sure something did not happen to the program that may have corrupted it on my computer. I still get the same message even after having downloaded the "the Scrapbook Max" program and the "Halloween Expansion Pack" again. I don't understand why I am having this problem. I have purchase kits many times, downloaded them and have never had a problem. What can I do? I only have until October 18th with this download. Thank you.


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    Hi Thelma!

    "Halloween Fun" requires Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 - do you have version 2.0 installed? (you can check by going to Help > About Scrapbook MAX! in the program's menu).

    Let us know - thanks!



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      Thanks Karin. I thought I had the most up to date version because whenever I'm working with the program and when the message pops up asking if I want the program to check to make sure I've got the latest version, it always comes back with yes. So naturally I thought I was running 2.0 but I'm only running 1.6.0. I guess I need to upgrade if I can figure that out. Again, thank you.