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trouble with expansion packs

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  • trouble with expansion packs

    I'm sure this is operator error, I feel so stupid but I downloaded two expansion packs, Halloween and Christmas but when I open Scrapbook Max I can't seem to find them. What do I have to do to use them on the page of the scrapbook that I just started or from adding to a saved one. I would like to start with the template pages that you just add the photo to. This is crazy!! What am I doing wrong????? dumb, dumb peggy.
    I do have SBM 2.0

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    Hi Peggy!

    Not sure to understand the issue... Let me know if I'm right.

    Expansion Packs are a set of kits. Let's take Halloween Expansion Pack as a sample. It includes Alpha Frenzy, Autumn Air, etc.

    So when you want to add embellishments or paper scraps from this Expansion Pack you should click on Add embellishment (or Add paper scrap) and browse to the appropriate folder (category)... So let's say you want to use Alpha Frenzy from Michelle McCoy... browse to the category: Alpha Frenzy and click on the icon (image of Alpha Frenzy)... You'll then see on the main part of the window all the included files. So click on the desired file to add it on your current page.

    Now you want to use an existing template from the pack. On your current project please select Add a page... A new dialog (window) will appear. Use the scrolling and look for the template. So let's say you want to add a template from the Alpha Frenzy kit... just scroll the window... the sets of templates are classified by alphabetical order... so you will see for Alpha Frenzy:
    Alpha Frenzy page 1, page 2... up to 5
    click on the desired template... it will be automatically added to your project (ie Scrapbook).

    When you want to create a new project and use a set of templates... Please select Create a new scrapbook when launching SBM, give a name to your file, and select the set of templates... if now you click on Alpha Frenzy that will add the 5 templates in your project.

    Hope that it helps...

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      trouble with expansion packs

      Thank you so much for your help. You were wonderful. I did not realize that the Expansion Packs would show up titled as the individual items, I thought they would be listed as Halloween Expansion Pack, etc. My Bad!!
      One more quick question - How do you know what is included in each Expansion Pack?


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        You're very welcome.

        Well, from my side I go there:
        and if I want to see what's included in the Halloween Pack I go there:

        Hope that it helps.

        Don't hesitate if you have any questions.


        P.S.: I apologize if there are some mistakes when I write... I'm not English :-)
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