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Adding Sound to Scrapbook Max

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  • Adding Sound to Scrapbook Max

    Is there a way to add sound in the Voice over Sound in background?
    I have a sample sent to me that has both.

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    Adding sound

    Actually ..... I just contacted the person who sent me the "Scrapbook Max" with Voice Over Sound and Music Background.
    They explained they loaded it into Windows Movie Makerr then added .wav Background Music and .wav Voice Clips.
    Saved it again as a movie thus creating a DVD playable on Tv and now a finished ScrapBookMax with Sound and Voice.


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      You can add music to SBM by clicking on the note button at the top of the page. I think SBM prefers OGG format. Many free programs are available on the net to convert music to OGG. You can select several songs. You just can't say WHEN to play it.