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Does Scrapbook Max enable you to make photo "cut outs" on a page?

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  • Does Scrapbook Max enable you to make photo "cut outs" on a page?

    I want to try designing and selling premade scrapbook pages. I know that I can save files in PNG format (what I'm looking for), but does it also allow you to layer elements, background, etc. so that photos can be inserted at a later time? I hope this makes sense.

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    Scrapbook MAX! lets you make fully-editable template pages. First, you design your page however you'd like - you can layer, rotate, and place individuals items however you wish and these will all be fully-editable once it is exported as a template (meaning that when another Scrapbook MAX! user imports your template, they will be able to manipulate everything on the page.)

    As for adding photo-placeholders, you can certainly do this. The way I do it is I add an actual photo to my page and resize, rotate, place it exactly as I want. Then, I right-click on the photo and choose "Clear image". This will turn my photo into a gray box that says "double-click to select a photo".

    When you're finished laying out your page and adding your photo placeholder boxes, choose File > Export Template from the menu. You can choose "Remove Photos" at this step as well (just make sure that you've added in everything besides the photo placeholders as embellishments, paper scraps or backgrounds or they will be removed, too). Add any info you wish into the template fields, and choose ok.

    hope that helps - let us know if you have any more questions!