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I cannot access my fonts through SBM

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  • I cannot access my fonts through SBM


    I'm Anja from the Netherlands and I don't know if I want to post a new thread but I was searching to find where to ask a question and I thought lets try it this way.

    Sorry if I'm at the wrong place.

    I have a problem with SBM version 2.0, when I ad text I cannot change de font into another. I have bought SBM some time ago and have been using it daily. Now I can't acces my fonts any more, I can put in text but not change to another font. When I click on the little arrow on the right no pulldown menu appears, the current font type does get selected.

    Bought SBM online and also bought a backup cd but the cd does not work. I have tried other cd's so as to check if maybe the cd drive was broken, that was not the case other ones did work. Have tried to go to the exe file on my computer but that just starts up the program. Have I missed any options, did anybody have the same problem, is there a solution???

    Hope I'm at the right forum and anyone can help.
    greetings Anja

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    Hi Anja

    I'm sorry you are having this problem and that no-one has been able to help you so far. I had an issue with my pc yesterday so I am only just back up, or I would have called in earlier just so that you know we are listening!

    I have not had this trouble myself, but perhaps someone in the know will pop in and offer some ideas.

    Blessings - FS xx
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      have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the software? Perhaps that will resolve the problem. If not, let us know - and please tell us the exact steps you are using to try and change the font (for instance, are you using a Caption, Ribbon Text, or Journal Text object, etc.)