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How to change my forum name

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  • How to change my forum name

    How does one do this please?

    A certain friend did some research on my name and it could be seen as somewhat offensive

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    What does it mean in your country?


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      wench is from the old English, short for wenchel, which means child or young woman ...nothing offensive there, we call girls (when they are being mischievious) wench still where I live

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        LOL....well here in the states....this is the meaning of I guess it is how someone wants to take it as....<wink>

        World English Dictionary
        wench (wɛntʃ)

        — n
        1. a girl or young woman, esp a buxom or lively one: now used facetiously
        2. archaic a female servant
        3. archaic a prostitute

        — vb
        4. archaic to frequent the company of prostitutes

        As far as I know you can't change your profile name, I was told you would have to set up a new account....But I could be wrong...Which I tend to
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          Yes Wolvie has the description I was shown...maybe the people with power will take pity on me and let me change it?? If they are reading...;-)


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            I just thought you and Dianne (Moonbeam) had some inside joke going on. I didn't take offense or think anything bad of you because of the user name you picked.


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              Unfortunately, there is no way to change a user name once it is active. You can try signing up for a new account with a different user name.

              Thanks for the question!