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How do I back up all of my work that hasn't been published?

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  • How do I back up all of my work that hasn't been published?

    My computer is acting up and I want to make sure that I back up all of my work to my external hard drive just in case I need a new computer. How do I go about doing this? And can I test it out on another computer to make sure it works or do I have to install the program on that computer first?
    Thank you

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    There should be a folder in the my documents section that you can drag to your external hard drive. I have had to do that before and everything worked out fine, except for some of the fonts that were no longer on my computer.


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      I have done that but I can't seem to get them to open even from my computer. Not sure what is happening...Do I need to install the program onto another computer to double check. I want to make sure everything is taken care of just incase.
      Thank you so much for your help. I really hope that it is all safe.


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        Merry Christmas Shanave! If you copy all of the files in My Computer\ScrapbookMax 2.0\ as well as Program Files\ ScrapbookMax 2.0\ you will have complete backups of everything including the program. That way if you do lose your computer you can install on another one. Hope this helps. You do need the program in order to open the project files, I believe.

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          Thank you!! I didn't realize I had to transfer everything from my external hard drive into the my documents folder in order to open. All is saved but the pages are distorted?? Not sure if I did something wrong??