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Can I paste a spreadsheet or table onto my page?

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  • Can I paste a spreadsheet or table onto my page?

    I created a Weekly Planner on an Excel Spreadsheet which I wanted to then copy and paste onto an 8 1/2 x 11 digital scrapbook page so that I could add some fancy paper and embellishments to it before printing. Didn't work. Then I tried creating a table in a Word document and cutting and pasting in my digital page. No luck either. (I actually use Open Office to create my Word and Excel documents). Is anyone familiar with file formats, etc that would know if this is even possible or better to do it? Thanks!!

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    Can you save your spreadsheet as a .jpg or .png (i.e., as an image file?). If so, you can then drag and drop it onto a scrapbook page.

    Hope that helps!


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      Surfing for info - saw this and while it is ancient, I have an idea to add for future searchers. . . .
      Use Gadwin Print Screen (free capture screen tool) or some other screen capture tool to make an image of the spreadsheet (jpg or png format). I have used Gadwin for years - like how I can draw a box the size I want to capture just what I want - and it will hide the mouse if I tell it to.
      Drag and drop that new image into Scrapbook Max then crop out or erase any bits of desktop you don't want in final image. Can save your end result (edited picture) as a png to use again in other projects.