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  • Question about eraser

    Just wondering, cause i can't find any way to do it, but can you make the page with the eraser on it bigger so when you do intricate things you can see it better?

    I find I'm squinting a lot lol

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    I roll the ball/wheel at the top of my mouse to zoom in and out once i'm in the eraser tool window. Hope this helps!


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      Ah ha!! thank you so much that has helped immensely!


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        Good luck with it. Can't wait to see your creations.
        Kind wishes from Carena
        Scrapbook Max Digital Designer
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          Oh my goodness - why didn't I ask about this ages ago! So easy and I have suffered so much!! Thanks a million!


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            LOL, I remember having trouble with this too when I started! I can relate to the squinting thing..too funny
            I had a similar AHA moment when someone posted about circle text.. I was always messing around with ribbon text trying to get it into a perfect circle until someone showed me how to click on advanced and click on "connect end points" - PERFECT CIRCLE every time