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    Please O' PLEASE app 4 ipad!!! I'm dyin' here...

    I love love LOVE SBM and I'm searching the itunes app store and I just don't want anyone but YOU!! I use my SBM for everything... Kids school projects, HOA holiday posters, Girl Scout stuff and O' ya, every year a huge 12x12 book with usually 40 pages. I want my SBM on my iPad... PLLLEEAAAASSSEEEEEEE!!! Are there plans to go that route? I'll wait for you if so..

    Originally posted by Karin View Post
    Hi All! - for now, this app is only available on Android devices. The "platforms" for the iPhone and Blackberry are completely different, so that's why they aren't interchangeable - however, we will certainly see what we can do!

    For those who have downloaded the new app, that's awesome (and congrats on being the very first!)! Hope you're having fun!

    Would you help us to spread the word by posting a little review here?:

    (click on User Reviews)

    WE think it's great , but if YOU tell the world it's great - that's what really helps!

    Thanks again, and have fun checking up on Scrapbook MAX! throughout your day!



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      I have received my Android tablet as a gift this week :-) I have the installed the SBM app.

      Really great :-)

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