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  • Slide Show Volume?

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can lower the volume on WAV music that I use in a slide show? Would you have any suggestions for a free or very inexpensive program to decrease the volume on the music file instead of lowering the computer's volume. I would like a very quiet background music when the autoload starts playing without adjusting the computer volume.

    Right now I use Wavosauras to edit my music length but don't know how to decrease the volume.

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    FINALLY a solution to this problem. I put the music in my Wavosaur program and lowered the decibels. Now it plays very silently--just barely audable. I needed the slide show for a funeral tomorrow and I didn't want it to blast the room with the music. I didn't want to worry about adjusting the computer volume either. This disk was to be a plug-and-play, so I could give it to a family member who doesn't understand computers.


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      Glad you figured it out. I would not have had any idea of what to do.


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        Wavosauras is a free auditing program for music. I loaded my music, selected the entire song, clicked on PROCESS, VOLUME, and told it to lower the decibel level by 6 decibels (-6) db. Then I saved the program. It worked!