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downloading to a jumpdrive

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  • downloading to a jumpdrive

    hi everyone with my harddrive having limited space i was wondering if i could download temp. into a jumpdrive and still be able to use them after opening sbm
    thanks everyone any help would be apreciated

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    If you're referring to the .smb (embellishtment packs) or the .smt (template files), I don't think so. SBM expects these files to be in a specific place.

    If you're referring to single embellishments, backgrounds, etc. in jpg, png, etc. format then the answer is yes. When you try to import these single files while SBM is open then you are given the opportunity to browse for them and you could then point to your jumpdrive.

    Someone else will chime in if I'm off base with this.
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      thanks for your reply i guess i just better get a comp. with a bigger hard drive


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        NO NO NO............... no need for bigger computer. I have ALL my Embelishments & Freebies I collect on a 2Gb SD Media Card (my drive 'E') and I just drag them into SBM. HeyPresto so so easy. I assume this is similar to your JumpDrive.
        Have a go.....


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          Good Point Mary.....BUT

          I now have 5G of embellishments etc. I ould look at storing them on a external hard drive! nie
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            Presto Just Ask And Here's My Reply. This Group Is Like Having An Endless Suppy Of Info. Thanks Everyone . Your All Great!!!!!!!!!