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How do I download templates from the Sharing Corner?

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  • How do I download templates from the Sharing Corner?

    I'm not usually stupic with these kinds of things but after 3 hours trying to figure out how to download the free templates in the Sharing Corner, I'm starting to wonder . . .

    How do I do it??? Also, is it normal for the package I purchased online to come with only five templates? I know I'll get more via CD in the mail but was under the impression the starting package was much more significant. Any insight anyone? Thanks for your help!

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    Hopefully this post from the FAQ section will help:


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      Thank you! You're the best!


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        Do not throw in the towel so easy. When I first start ed I was so mixed up but by trying things you will learn very fast and the templates galore you will get. Good luck.
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          What a great group. Not only did I figure it out but I've actually finished a few pages already. I've gotten more done here than I ever did with the paper items I purchased (won't say the brand). I can't even bring myself to tell you how much money is sitting in my basement in products like that. My intentions were great but the time wasn't there. THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE PROGRAM!!!!


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            Thats the thing I love the most is the speed at witch I can get pages made.

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