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  • Saving as png

    I have noticed that when I make a cluster and save it for later use that the quality isn't as good. Is there something I can do to keep the quality the same as the original pieces?

    Hope this answer is as easy as the other one Sandrine lol

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    Does it make a difference when zooming out and saving then?


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      Hmm it's not something I do myself in scrapbook max software, however I would recommend you use the highest settings for everything to start with. EG> 12 inch 300 dpi. Perhaps even make your cluster extremely large, then save it and then use it later in your layouts.
      Not sure if I've been much help - Good luck with it - Will watch with interest this thread and any further answers.
      Kind wishes from Carena
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        Hi Kay :-)

        Easy question... Yes and No... LOL.
        I was about to post a tip about creating wordarts... which refers to this technique. But I will... in another post... later.

        So for your question...

        If you create a cluster that you want to reuse...

        You might be aware that any graphics item has a size and a quality... What I mean is that some items are very large... for instance when I offer a "ribbon" in a kit generally it has a size of about 3000 px. Why? Because we might want to use it to cover all the length of a page. For instance a brad could have a size of 600 px... That means it's not used to be increased to have a HUGE brad. Same thing for an eyelet... It's an eyelet, not a circle frame :-) So to check the quality of any item (embies... papers...) do a right click on the file to look at its properties.

        So a loss of quality could be due to different things... the original size of the items and how you use them (I mean the factor of increasing their size).

        A second question... Which technique do you use for saving your .png file? :-) There are 2 ways of doing.

        The first one...
        File -> Save as... image
        select FULL SIZE
        If your original page is 3600 x 3600 px it will save the cluster as a png document with a size of 3600 x 3600 px.

        The second one...
        Once you have done your cluster, group it and then click on the group with the right button of the mouse to select Save as png...
        The result here is that the output (png document) will be the size of the cluster.

        Make a try of the two techniques and you'll notice the difference.

        So the technique one is used for a QP (Quick Page), and the technique two for a cluster.

        I would suggest that you create a large cluster... because you could have a loss of quality when you reuse it if you increase its size.

        Could you give me the properties of your cluster, I mean the png document? size (px) and weight (mB)?

        BUT... you say that you have noticed a loss of quality... How have you noticed that? The only way to be sure there's a loss of quality is to do a printing copy :-) I will give you an example... Sometimes when I look at some papers with a lot of patterns (like shapes...) in SBM the vizualisation isn't very good... but when I print there's no issue. What I mean is that it can also be an issue with a viewer.

        I hope that I've answered your question :-) and if you want I suggest you to email me a sample of clusters or the SBM project, and I will have a look on it.


        P.S.: Hope there aren't too much english mistakes :-)
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          Thank you Sandrine for your instructions! This will make a great challenge for the future. You can provide us with critiques as we go, so that we can make sure that we are making our clusters correctly.


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            Yes! Good idea!
            I'm always happy if I can be helpful :-)
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              Thanks Sandrine i will give that a go and see what differences it makes.

              Thanks so much for your help!


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                You're welcome.
                You have my email address. Please feel free to email me the file if not higher than 5 Mb... I'll be happy to have a look on it.

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                  I have checked and it looks like that the PNG are automatically saved in 72 dpi... :-( even if the page settings is set at 300 dpi. That's not good at all for the embies as the standard is 300 dpi... so that also means that QPs are saved in 72 dpi... I'm contacting the support. I will let you know.


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                    So as promised I'm back with additional info.

                    As usually the SBM support was very responsive. That's greatly appreciated.

                    Here is their reply:

                    "Whenever you make an image, all that matters is the resolution (how many dots by how many dots)...

                    PNG files can contain metadata... Photoshop and some desktop publishing programs save the current DPI setting in the image metadata, but it doesn't change anything about the image at all. It's just storing the setting that was used at the time.

                    DPI is something you should always configure when you print.

                    Basically, 3600x3600(*) is big enough for anything up to 12x12 300 DPI. Or it's 6x6 600 DPI, or 3x3 1200 DPI, or 24x24 150 DPI..."

                    So keep in mind the size of the image! enough big :-)

                    Hope that it helps.


                    * This example refers to the size of my QPs.
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                      sandrine, could you perhaps explain that in French, I might understand it better!! lol so..... is what smb saves it in ...72dpi ok?


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                        bonjour Kaye,
                        Dpi est une meta donnee stockee dans l'image. Ce qui compte c'est la taille en pixel. On selectionne dpi pour l'impression. Lol.
                        Please just consider the size in pixel for png.
                        I should leave with the kids. I'll email you later and try to get your files.
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                          The DPI value is to be used when printing the image.

                          Please read this article...

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                            you can make the zoom difference to make it to the original quality.

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