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Template problems with 2.0 and old 1.0 templates

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  • Template problems with 2.0 and old 1.0 templates

    I have had many computer crashes since I started with 1.0 and upgraded to 2.0 SBM. Last time I installed 2.0 and copied over all the templates, etc from 1.0 to my system. Now I am finding that there are errors in embellishments, adding photos, finding papers etc. with some of these older templates. Can I reinstall templates from the original 1.0 discs and how do I do that? I don't want to lose these but am tired of rebuilding them myself. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Sorry I forgot to say that I am using OS W7 Pro. Maybe that is the problem.


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      When I installed on a new computer I installed SB Max 1.0 first and all of the extra discs that I owned from it, like the school edition. After everything was installed from SB Max 1.0 I then installed SB Max 2. When I opened up SB Max 2 it asked if I wanted to transport the templated from SB Max 1 and I said yes. I did not have any problems with the templates. I have heard that if you install SB Max 2 first it might not work right. I also run W7 home premium. I hope this will help you out and get everything up and running for you. If not maybe some one with more tech experience will be on here soon.


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        Thanks so much. Will uninstalled everything and reinstall at some future date. That should fix the problem.