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My Page won't save.

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  • My Page won't save.

    I try to save my finished pages. It usually takes a few minutes on my computer. But today after saving a few pages I waited for up to 20 minutes and the program won't save any of my pages. I get an error message saying Program not responding. Can anyone help. If I can't save my pages then the program is pretty useless to me.

    It is not a problem with my computer memory. I am fine in that regard. It was saving pages today up to about an hour ago.

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    Hi- I restarted my computer and it did take about 10 minutes but the page did save. I guess it a problem with my computer. That's a relief - I love using this program!


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      I do not think its your computer have also been getting message program not responding and then if losse everything when i have to restart. I have checked and it also does not want to automatically save.


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        I have found that I cannot save my pages as JPEG if my file name is too long. I actually had to take one of my layouts that I could not save and save it as a PDF, then open it up in Photoshop (or Elements) to save it as a JPG so I could upload it online. You could use any software program that reads and converts PDF's.

        I have also found that Scrapbook Max 2.0 crashes on me when my hard drive is too full, so I move most things out of Scrapbook Max to my external hard drive.


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          If I take to long to do a page SBM closes on me to Fonzzy


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            I too learnt the hard way and click on save often while I'm working.. LOL
            also the more embellishments and stuff you start using, ie the more clusters etc.. you might want to use the publish tool.. under file, pulish to and then select images.. it works nicely for uplaoding your pages to the forums as well. Learnt that one the hard way too I kept getting "your image is too large to upload" message.
            Good luck!