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  • Sbm crashes

    Just went to use max and wanted to add paper scrap and each time i do it says "sbm has stopped working" and closes down. It does this also with the embellishments and photos in max gallery but not those I select from my pictures when i want to select one. Obviously this is a problem with Sbm and was wondering if uninstalling and then reinstalling would fix it? Hopefully this would not effect all my files projects etc I have been working on. Thanks for any help Glenys.

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    I would try the uninstalling and reinstalling first. All of your work is saved in my doc. folder so you should not loose anything. If that doesn't work ask again and maybe someone more techy can help.


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      Hi. Back up your scrapbook max folder (I think it is saved in the Documents folder on your computer). That way if the worst happens you can get it all back. Uninstall sbm and reinstall. Also a good idea to run a virus scan and to do a defrag. (this tidies up the hard drive ,etc and makes more room which will make everything work more smoothly.


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        I have found too that Scrapbook Max 2.0 crashes more often if my hard drive gets full on my computer. That is where my external hard drives come in handy. I have been moving most of my things out of Scrapbook Max and putting them on my external hard drive to free up space on my computer.


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          If the program gives you a "stops working" message - please try uninstalling and then reinstalling as this might fix the issue.