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  • Problem with Templates

    I am using scrapbook Max 2.0 and just bought some new template. However, when I add a page to the scrapbook that I am working on, many of the embellishments that are on the template are not opening. I am getting an error message in the place of the embellishment. In a couple of cases, I went to scrapbook max online found the embellishment that was supposed to be there and put it in however, not all of the embellishments that are on the templates are showing up in the embellishment area.
    I don't know what to do but I am very frustrated. This is happening with several of the templates that I have bought lately. Please help.

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    I have had this problem before. Sometimes when you wait just a bit it does eventually open and then there where times that i had to save and close. Once I restarted Everything worked fine.


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      Okay, I will try to reload. Sometimes when I do that I actually get less showing than before.


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        I am still having difficulty with parts of templates not loading. The areas appear as gray rectangles with a message that says error loading ..... I am so frustrated. Is there a limit to the number of pages you can have in a scrapbook?
        The errors are occurring with pages that I purchased from scrapbook max as well as templates that I bought from another company that are made for scrapbook max ( have the scrapbook max suffix).
        Is there any way to get to talk to a tech support person during business hours. I really don't know what to do.
        Thanks fo the help.


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          Can you please send me an email at support [at] scrapbookmax [dot] com with further information?

          Please include your software order number, the order number for the templates you are having trouble with (and the template names), and ideally a screenshot of a few of the template pages that show the error message you have described.

          I'd also like to please know what operating system you are using and where on your system your templates are stored.

          With more information, I may be better able to help - thanks!