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  • Projects Not Showing Up


    I bought the full version yesterday and downloaded it. When I click on Open a Saved Project the scrapbook I was working on only comes up as gray boxes representing elements I had put on one of the pages. Inside the boxes it says "error loading embellishment". Incidentally, when I tried to drag an element in earlier when the page was working, I got the same gray box with the same message inside. The other project my daughter was working on doesn't show up at all, and the projects I was working on in the trial version are not there either.

    However, the projects are all showing up in a Scrapbookmax! 2.0 folder in My Documents. I can access each project from there, but they are not in the program, if that makes sense. How do I get the projects back in the program, and does anyone have any idea what's up with the "error loading embellishment" gray boxes?


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    I hope someone with more tech exp. will respond to this soon for you.


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      I sent an e-mail to the support dept. yesterday with screenshots. Hopefully, they can figure it out. I just bought the full version, and my daughter and I were having so much fun playing around with it. I hope it's fixable.


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        Usually there are 2 links in the email when you purchase the full version. The first one is the program, the second link is the contents. Double check your email for that second link and see if that works.