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    Could someone please explain all of these. I have recently bought a kit and is making a Scrapbook for a friend. She insists on paying for it. I need to know all there is to know about this.

    I have no intention of becoming a designer soon but people like my books and would like to order some. Do I get permission from the designer I bought the kit from or the store it has been purchased at?

    I thought about it this way. The final product is just like baking a cake. You but ll the ingredients but you are the one making it so it's your cake. And if you choose to eat it or sell it its up to you and not the one you bought all the ingredients from.

    Please I need the facts and not you think...


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    I have had a read and came to the conclusion that when I buy then for commercial use I will be able to make books and sell them. Is this correct? Anyone out there?


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      Products that are Commercial Use - you will need to check each designers terms of use. Many will differ in what they allow.

      Digital kits you need to look for : S4O (scrap for others - meaning friends/family) and S4H (scrap for hire) which means you scrap pages and sell them to individuals.

      If you have any concerns - it's best to contact the designer concerned and check with them.
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        Hi Wendy, I found these websites to be very useful. Hopefully the additional links will help answer questions you have.
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          Thanks Diane and Carena this helps allot. I think For making and selling a scrapbook in hard copy form I will have to choose at least 3 designers and get their consent. It is all just to complicated.


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            If you have read the designer's terms of use and you are still uncertain, I would definitely contact the designer for more information.

            From my understanding with most TOU, that if the kit is labeled CU then it is okay to make kits that are for PU, S4H (scrap for hire), or S4O (scrap for others). When you see kits labeled CU4CU that generally means you can use the kit to make other CU items.