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SBM having glitchy problem

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    Just wanted to let you know... Unfortunately the issue always occurs...

    I have always used the drag and drop method for the embies and papers. So the issue doesn't occur.

    For adding photos I have to work in a different way…

    I open a window to view my photos… then I keep in mind the file name and in SBM I only display the list to select the file in the popup.


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      For the past two weeks I have had a similar problem. When I select either a paper, element or photo all the items in those boxes shake and flash and I have to try and grab something before it starts flashing again. I haven't bought or installed any booster packs during this time and it doesn't matter where my info is stored at. I have even gone so far as to remove any non-essential file from my software.

      I have been using the same computer for the past 6 years Windows XP and there is nothing wrong with my computer. I have spent the past 3 days alone just trying to resolve this issue and very upset as I just can't scrap. I suppose I could use my MyMemories software but I just don't like that. Up until this happened I was in LOVE with SBM.

      Seems like no one is getting anywhere with SBM helping with again is disappointing.
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        Thanks for all the information and details about what is happening. The reason we haven't been able to offer a solution is is that the issue is only occurring on a handful of systems (out of tens of thousands of systems it is installed on). That hasn't stopped us from looking into this extensively, but the problem is we have not been able to replicate the problem despite testing it on a variety of systems or create a test that can identify/replicate the problem. It seems that it must be occurring due to a change of some kind made on the particular systems that are having the problem, whether that's due to a recent update or some other change.

        In the meantime, it seems that the drag and drop process will work for adding content to your page. Though I understand that this isn't ideal, it is a workaround for now.

        If you notice anything else in your workflow that might be helpful to tracking down what is going on, please let us know!