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    Where is the Groove challenge for October

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    Where is the Newsletter?


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      This was in September groove letter

      So does this mean if you don't have me and never will, because I don't want to have it that I wont see a newsletter anymore?

      Why is everything so facebook oriented, drives me nuts it's like you can.t have a life without facebook....oh wait, hold on I DO have a life lol

      *The Groove is moving to a new home!**

      Beginning next month, your favorite scrapbooking newsletter is taking on a new and exciting format – on Facebook! You’ll still find all your favorite features: great scrapbooking tips and tricks, digital freebies, scrapbooking challenges, outstanding layouts by Scrapbook MAX! community members, spotlights on designers and scrappers, and more. But best of all, with our new Facebook format, instead of getting one monthly newsletter, you’ll be getting scrapbook inspiration and news posted several times a week for scrapbooking fun all month long!

      Now, get even more “groove” right now on Facebook at – there’s already tons of content to explore. Be sure to “like” us in order to make sure you’re getting all the most recent updates – and don’t forget to tell your friends!


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        I agree, do not want my scrapbooking contacts on Facebook. Have Facebook and signed up just so that I could have an easy contact with family and close friends. All of a sudden, now it's like a free advertisement site for Scrapbooking since I was unconcious enough and clicked on "like" for a couple of designers. Am going to lock out most of the designers as I do not want to be looking at all that stuff on Facebook. I enjoy going to the blogs and sites and that's where I feel scrapbooking should stay.

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          I DON'T like Facebook!!! I LOVE Scrapbook Max, and want to come here and enjoy the SBM family HERE!! Guess No Groove for me


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            Hmmmm really! I've been waiting on the Groove to come out myself. Hmmmm Let's protest. I thought they were doing both. Opps just reading the quote in Kaye Post. Seems I sort of overlooked that one. I do facebook but it's not the same as our newsletter.

            We want the GROOVE BACK (pretty please)
            We want the GROOVE BACK (pretty please)
            We want the GROOVE BACK (pretty please)
            Kind wishes from Carena
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              Please can we have The Groove here in SBM fonzzy


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                I'm with everyone else I enjoy getting that email telling me the Groove is ready for viewing. It will be much missed, I do not like facebook much either.


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                  I was thinking they were doing both too. Even if they were doing it on FB when is it supposed to come out? I liked when they were chosing a page to highlight on FB and some techniques,(just enough to perk interest). I thought the idea was to generate interest from FB to SBM, not to take away what was already here. If is wasn't broke why try to fix it?
                  Please bring the Groove back to SCRAPBOOK not FACEBOOK!!!


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                    Hi Everyone!

                    I wanted to say how much I appreciated seeing this thread and hearing all the great things you had to say about The Groove. I've been helping to put it together every month since July 2006, so it's really rewarding to hear how much you've enjoyed it! We are SO appreciative of all the content that was volunteered over the years - from interviews, to tips and tricks, to the awesome layouts we showcased, and of course designer challenges and freebies from a core of dedicated, generous (but extremely busy!) designers.

                    We decided over the summer to go to a new format with our tips, showcased layouts, inspirational tips, challenge announcements and new release announcements - the items that you used to see in one monthly Groove newsletter. As we announced in our September 2012 issue of The Groove, instead of one monthly release on our site, we're going to be posting tips, tricks, showcased layouts, and more all month long on Facebook where we're reaching more scrappers than ever - and we'll also be figuring out ways to get that same information posted in the forums in a fun and coherent way as well (it may mean new forums sections, or new threads - we're still working out those details. Letha - I love that you loved our Tips and Layout of the Day and want to see more of that! That's great feedback and we're working on some ideas to make that kind of thing happen on the site...)

                    One of our biggest challenges with The Groove in its monthly format was gathering all sorts of content for The Groove from a relatively small number of volunteer members and designers (all talented but also super busy people!) for one single monthly deadline. The advantage of our Facebook page is that it lets us post news as it happens (much easier and timelier than working to a monthly deadline), allows more than one person to post Groove-y information at any time (our newsletter postings could only be administered by one person at one time). Plus it also allows readers to interact directly with the content - something we couldn't do with our monthly format.

                    I know that although we're reaching a lot of new scrappers on Facebook that it isn't for everyone - I truly get that! For those of you who enjoy the community on this site as your main place for scrapbooking inspiration, you are not forgotten!! As I said above, most of the content we post on Facebook is already shared on our site in various ways, and as the weeks go by, we'll be figuring out some fun ways to incorporate other featured content in the forums so no one is missing out.

                    This was a (really!!!) long note, but I wanted to give you some insight into our thinking. I hope this helps explain our decision to change our presentation.

                    Again - it really meant a lot to me personally to hear that the monthly Groove newlsetter was enjoyed and looked forward to. And - I'm not one to say 'never'!!!! - there might be an opportunity to revive the more familiar style of The Groove or do something similar on our site that helps spread the love of digi scrapping at some point in the future. For now, we're going to try out this format and see how it goes, hopefully growing our community along the way, which will let us do more and more exciting things in the world of digital scrapbooking.

                    Thanks for your interest, and thanks to everyone who contributed to, provided challenges and freebies for, was showcased in and who loyally 'tuned in' monthly to 'The Groove'!

                    Last edited by The Groove; 10-04-2012, 03:52 PM.
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                      Thanks Karin. I too have fb and love posting my Lay outs there but it is just not the same. It might take some getting used to though.


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                        Thanks Karin for that, I see what your problem is and I am sure you will give us any important news and we wont miss out.

                        I Just feel the whole world pressures us into facebook and I won't allow myself to be pressured. I have my own personal reasons for not joining, EVER, and I am sure there are many more like me.


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                          Thanks for your feedback - We appreciate it!

                          (Thanks to Donna Thomas (autisticwonder) for the great blinkie!)
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                            Karin - Could we please have a tutorials section in the forum here that designers or anyone else could post tips and tutorials to. I'm sure some of our members that use SBM software everyday may well have great ideas they could share. I know I certainly have lots of ideas. Been posting them every so often in a challenge etc but a nice home for it would be good. Challenge post get lost after a few months. Not sure how everyone else feels on this? I know you have video tutorials about using the software - but there is plenty more than just using the software to learn. Just a thought.
                            The Groove is sometimes hard for designers to gather information together for when we have a deadline I agree but it seems also our readers are missing it.
                            Not sure how the statistic are comparing - how many viewed the groove - compared with visitors to Facebook. Really it's a totally different type of viewer. Facebook - yes might reach others we might not have reached before. Yes, it's good but many of our regulars are missing The Groove.
                            Kind wishes from Carena
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                              I love the idea of a tutorial section where everyone can share their tips.