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Transfering or grouping other kits into ScrapMax.

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  • Transfering or grouping other kits into ScrapMax.

    I enjoy using Scrap Max but I have a lot of other kits that I use also. My question is What would be the best way to organize these kits into Scrap Max so that when I want a background or embellishment I don't have to search through each kit to find what I want. I hope that made sense.
    Sometimes I use backgrounds and embellishments from different kits on one scrap page and find myself searching for the right kit with the embellishment I need.
    I have thought of making individual folders for Trees, flowers, ribbons, fences, etc. Can anyone shed some light on this? How do you organize your kits to the best advantage?

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    Hi Judifer, I just have all my kits in one folder and unfortunately if you mix and match kits the only way is the long way.

    But if you wanted to spend the time you could put all your BG's in one folder of all your kits, perhaps sorted specific colours into seperate folders again. same with embies, but it's a lot of work, I tend to use mostly what is in one kit on one LO because they are already matched with colours etc.


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      Thanks Kay, That sounds like good advice. It's just that I like some background papers out of different kits. I have several kits with different fences, grass, etc. that I like, and if I want say a "fence" on my page I have to go searching each kit to find the one I want. I have a notebook and I am trying to list (categorically) some of the embies I might use a lot in it along with the kit in which they are found. Putting all of my background paper into one folder might help alot.
      Like your style of scrapping,
      Judy aka Judifa