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    I want to print a photobook. I have done this successfully before in 8x8 size.
    I want this one to be 12x12. Do I save my layouts 3600x3600 and 200dpi, or 2400x2400 dpi?
    I hope someone can make sense of this for me.

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    Most places that print the pages for 12x12 scrapbook pages ask them to be published at the 300 dpi, which is the 3600x3600 size. When ever I have my pages printed that is what I publish my work as and it comes out nice and crisp. I have heard that 200 dpi is plenty but have never tried to see if it looks the same.


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      I have had things published at 200dpi and they are good, but that was 8x8 pages or less.
      This is the first time I will be doing 12x12, so I wil take your advice and have them done at 3600x3600 and 300dpi.

      Many Thanks Julie for the speedy response to my two questions.